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October 28th's Random KBO News

posted Oct 28, 2012, 7:56 AM by mykbonet   [ updated Oct 28, 2012, 5:27 PM ]
  • Korean Series Game 3 Score: Samsung 8:12 SK (Samsung leads series 2-1)  Choi Hyung-woo, Park Jin-man, Kim Kang-min, Lee Ho-jun all hit HR's.
    Korea Herald

  • After Game 3 win, SK Wyverns hoping to repeat history in Korean Series  Yonhap
  • Choo Shin-soo was to throw out the 1st pitch at Game 3 today, SK asked him to wear an SK jersey (Choo plays for the Indians), Choo refused and instead asked to wear a Team Korea jersey, but SK wanted him in an SK one and thus no 1st pitch for Choo.  Naver
  • From MyKBO's Facebook Group and Yonhap reporter Jee-ho Yoo, some info regarding overseas Korean players and the KBO:

    In 1998, the KBO decided it didn't want all talented amateurs leave the country before playing in the KBO, so they instituted a rule that said those who left after Jan. 1999 without first playing in the KBO must sit out for two years when they came back to play here... But then in 2007, with a handful of guys playing in the minors and majors, the KBO decided to waiver that two-year period for players who left Korea after 1999 and have played overseas for at least 5 years... That was designed to encourage players trained in the U.S. minor/major leagues to join the KBO and help promote the league (before teams started drawing 7 million fans a season)... At the time, Busan area had three such players (Choo, Song Seung-
    jun and Lee Seung-hak) and Gwangju had two (Big Choi and Kim Byung-hyun)... Lotte and Kia could only pick one of those players for the sake of parity and the rest were thrown into a draft... Lotte went with Song and Kia took Big Choi... The remaining three players were joined by Ryu Jae-kuk and Chae Tae-in (a pitcher at the time, I believe)... Aside from Lotte and Kia, six teams entered a draw to choose the draft order for five players… The poor Hanwha Eagles drew No. 6 so they couldn’t pick anyone…. Anyway, SK had the first pick and got Choo; LG had Ryu; Doosan Lee Seung-hak; Samsung Chae Tae-in and Kim Byung-hyun went to the Hyundai Unicorns (now the Heroes…)
    Two interesting cases: Park Chan-ho left in 1994 so didn’t fall in that “Jan. 1999” category…. KBO made him a special exemption and let him join the hometown Eagles right away….
    Bong Jung-keun left for the majors in 1997 and actually completed his secondary education in the States. He entered the rookie draft in 2007 and got selected by the LG Twins