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March 7th's Random KBO News

posted Mar 7, 2016, 6:13 AM by mykbonet   [ updated Mar 7, 2016, 6:32 AM ]
  • Bong fighting back to put Twins on top  Joongang
  • Toughened drug testing protocols put gov't, sports leagues at odds   Yonhap
  • Park Byung-ho hit a grand slam  Yonhap  Korea Times
  • KBO Spring Training kicks off tomorrow.  All games begin at 1pm, weekday games are free admission.  Weekend game pricing is as follows:
    • Samsung:  3-5,000
    • Nexen:  10,000
    • NC:  3,000
    • Hanwha:  50% off of regular season ticket prices
    • SK:  5,000
    • KIA: 3,000
    • KT: 5,000
    • Lotte:  3,000
    • LG/Doosan:  TBD
  • KBO's new 2016 season emblem 
  • What's new in 2016 for the KBO?  Yonhap
    • 1. New Unified Ball: All teams will be using the Skyline AAK-100 for all games (before teams used their preferred brand of ball)
    • 2. New Home Plate Rule: The base runner may not run out of a direct line to the plate for the purpose of initiating contact with the catcher, or any player covering the plate. If he does, the home plate umpire can call him out even if the player receiving the throw loses the ball on contact.
    • 3. Instant Replay Expands: Replay can now include fair/foul calls, check swings, and home plate collisions; teams will now have 2 replay challenges in a game
    • 4. New Ballparks: Daegu Samsung Lions Park and Gocheok Sky Dome are the new homes for the Lions and Heroes