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January 6th's Random KBO News

posted Jan 5, 2015, 8:55 PM by mykbonet   [ updated Jan 6, 2015, 4:59 AM ]
  • Kang Jung-ho Among Top Shortstops as MLB Talks Drag On  Chosun
  • NC will be playing UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach, Fullerton, CSU LA, and UCLA in practice games during their time in the States. They will train in Tuscon, Arizona and Los Angeles.  NC
  • Reigning baseball MVP ready to start with clean slate   Yonhap
  • KBO held a meeting today and came up with the following (h/t to Kross Yakyu for the translation)
    1. Regarding game and fine
    - Games can be canceled when a warning of strong wind is forecast.
    - Increasing the amounts of fine under the disciplinary rules to the realistic level.

    2. Regarding schedule of exhibition games in 2015
    - 70 exhibition games are scheduled from March 7th (Sat) to March 22th (Sun).
    - To boost the pro baseball, some exhibition games will be held at neutral regions or out of home-team areas.

    3. Regarding schedule of Futures league.
    - To minimize travels between games, the league will be divided into 3 sub-leagues from 2, starting this season.
    - Group A: Lotte, Samsung, Sangmu, KIA; Group B: Hanwha, Nexen, NC, SK; Group C: LG, Doosan, Police, KT
    - An official name for each sub-league will be decided later.

    4. Regarding Doping test.
    - Reinforcing education on anti-doping,
    - Players caught on the test will face more severe disciplinary actions.
    - The test will be randomly carried out on and off the field.

    5. Regarding place of championship.
    - The series will take place in a format of 1,2-3,4,-5,6,7. (No longer Jamsil games for game 5,6,7 unless Doosan or LG get involed in the serieis.)
    - Game 1,2,6,7 will take place at the stadium of the club that finishes first in the regular season.
    - The rest games will be for the stadium of the club that makes it to the championship from the play-off.

    6. Regarding All Star Game
    - KT will be added to the current group of Samsung, Doosan, Lotte and SK.
    - A new category will be created for reliever-pitchers.

    - After the current FA system thoroughly analyzed, improvement measures will be discussed at the next meeting.
    - Agreed to create new rules on racial remarks and open slanders against the KBO, its clubs